Monday, July 14, 2014

Creativity Is...

Fast Company posted a blurb titled Secrets from the brains of 13 creative geniuses. The gist of the piece includes the following:
To get a better take on creativity, the masterwork by Arthur Koestler titled The Act of Creation comes to mind, a book quoted numerous times in BRT as Koestler gets to the heart of the creative process in a fashion unmatched, IMHO, by any other writer brave enough to take on a subject as vast as this.

What's even more amazing about Koestler is the fact he was largely self taught in genetics, which forms the second part of Act. Amazingly prescient regarding how life works at the molecular level, it's somewhat akin to Alan Turing's take on Chaos back in the early 50s. 

As for yours truly dealing with creativity...
  • Teaching oneself is incredibly rewarding.
  • The arts/science equation are hand and glove glories without limitation.
  • Persistence, in the face of skepticism and rejection, are conditions known all too well to this writer of BRT but one preservers because all creative people do, without reservation, because to bring anything new and of value to the world is scary, fun and hard to do even if's a joke of the most salacious kind. :)
  • Crappy work is an old friend of mine that I try to eliminate as best as possible. Hopefully none of that nonsense appears in BRT but, as Fat Waller said, No one knows, do one? :)

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