Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Justices who don't get it

I'm really glad that 5 Supremes decided, amongst themselves, to trash the Constitution regarding the separation of church and state as written in the 1st Amendment, something the Founding Fathers were adamant about as they knew just how catastrophic injecting religion into politics could become whether the religion in question be christian, islamic, jewish, hindu or whatever as the specific religion in question doesn't matter save for the fact said religion will eventually impact the government in ways that negatively impact anyone who's not a believer in that chosen religion or anyone who doesn't believe in a god at all, a philosphy Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Paine and Madison, among significant others, related to without issue. 

Words cannot describe just how partisan and inept this court truly is. Jefferson, Hamilton, Washington, et al, are rolling in their graves in seeing how these small minded "politicians" made a ruling (The Town of Greece, NY vs. Galloway) even more atrocious then Citizens United & McCutcheon as this "masterpiece" violates the core essence of the Constitution of America, the Bill of Rights. 

Any questions?

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