Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Judge who gets it

What the Supremes did regarding Citizens United and McCutcheon, is now coming back to haunt us big time. Unbridled money corrupts, something Judge Paul A. Crotty, SDNY Federal District Court Justice, knows all too well in having to reluctantly abide by these atrocious rulings by a court less then Supreme in every sense of the word.

On Thursday, Judge Paul Crotty, who sits on the federal district court in Manhattan, reluctantly allowed unlimited contributions to independent political groups in New York State. “Reluctantly,” in fact, doesn’t begin to describe how clenched the judge’s teeth were in writing this remarkable opinion, which eloquently describes the dangers of the very act he was allowing...

“Indeed, today’s reality is that the voices of ‘we the people’ are too often drowned out by the few who have great resources,” the judge wrote. “In today’s never-ending cycle of campaigning and lobbying, lobbying and campaigning, elected officials know where their money is coming from and that it must keep coming if they are to stay in office. Ordinary citizens recognize this; they know what is going on; they know they are not being included. It breeds cynicism and distrust.”

Click here to read his heartfelt opinion. Who knows, maybe Roberts and the gang of 5 might learn something from somebody who really does understand the letter of the law but then again, knowing how this version of the SC operates, I wouldn't make book on it in any way shape or fashion.

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