Sunday, November 24, 2013

Agent Smith was right

In The Matrix, Agent Smith describes man as a virus, a species moving from place to place, consuming all resources of said place before moving on but now, there is no other place, a reality being played out as we speak, regarding the Monarch Butterfly, wild bees and other insects crucial to our survival. 

What's interesting is the fact Monsanto is a primary player in this sad scenario as the maker of Roundup, along with Bayer and Shell (Neonicotinoids), as GMO foods (corn/soy etc, etc.) require extensive use of Roundup and insecticides in order to survive, something that's beginning to change as nature always finds a way to subvert artificiality via, in the case of GMO corn, the corn borer beetle, as seen in a BRT post titled Monarchs & GMO Corn.

For Agent Smith fans, here is the virus quote courtesy YouTube.

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