Monday, February 06, 2012

Layer By Layer

As proof positive, 3D Stereolith printing, a disruptive tech BRT has talked about in numerous posts,  promises to revolutionize medicine as well as other industries as seen by this video showing how LayerWise fabbed a woman's lower jaw using a high powered laser to fuse thousands of layers of metal powder into a single piece of material the woman uses today in returning to a normal way of life considered to be impossible before the emergence of this radically cool technology.

Belgian company LayerWise today said that it produced an entire jaw using additive manufacturing, a technique that allows fabricators to make an item directly from a CAD drawing. The transplant demonstrates that precision 3D printing can be effective for both bones and organ implants, the company said.

The method selectively heats metal powder particles with a laser to construct an object layer by layer. Using this method allows LayerWise to create complex shapes that a custom made for patients and don't require glue or multiple parts.

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