Saturday, February 11, 2012


The content contained in Armageddon Online comprises just one part of this short post as the news about the US and the world's economic condition requires a multifaceted view on a situation that's bleak at best.

Reasons as to why range from, in the US case, malfeasance perpetrated by government, the Fed and the WS banks to, in Joseph Stiglitz's nuanced take, a structural meltdown caused by tech, financial malfeasance and government's lack of vision in terms of how to intelligently deal with it. 

When factoring in climate change and peak oil into the equation, the news for mankind in 2012 is dire but forced change has a way of generating innovation and problem solving, particularly when survival becomes an issue we all have to deal with. As often stated in BRT, the disconnect of tech and science from government and finance is growing ever larger, where, on the one side, we have incompetence and corruption, while on the other, we have breathtaking advancement able to transform how we do business on this planet. Sooner or later, the divide must be eliminated through wrenching change to the former if we are to remain a viable species in these uncertain times.
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