Friday, February 17, 2012


Being an asbie, I've often wondered if dyslexia is part of the package in terms of seeing reversed or upside down letters when reading or printing out a message in the chicken scrawl style yours truly exhibits when trying to communicate with the world outside of the world of computers and keyboards. AFAIK, the answer is no although I do get fatigued when reading content requiring intense concentration in order to understand what the author is trying to say. 

But help is on the way to enable dyslexics to read, something pretty cool I must say. 

To view or purchase the Dylexie font, click here. Click on the iPad image to see the upcoming Ling Apps App Writer, a program using Dylexie to help folks with reading and writing disabilities.

Last but not least, the Scientific American article titled Bold Stroke: New Font Helps Dyslexics Read  is a must read to learn more about this very thoughtful and needed technology.

Addendum: Click here to see the theory behind Dylexie. You won't be disappointed.

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