Sunday, May 22, 2011

The One Exception

Several times in BRT, this phrase has been posited, One cannot predict the future because:

1. The Law of Initial Conditions
2. Chaos and it's connect to No. 1,  &
3. Quantum Mechanics indeterminacy

forbid it. In every instance, these three "laws" as it were, makes de-facto prediction of the future impossible save for intelligent guesstimating but Paddy Chayefsky's Network may be the one great exception to the rule seeing just how prescient this great screenwriter was in creating the script for one, IMHO, of the greatest films in history.

"Mr. Sorkin, however, spoke for “Network” fans who respond to it as a devastating media-industry critique — one whose author never saw television devolve into a vast wasteland of reality programming and political partisanship, but who after 35 years is still shouting just as loudly about the dangers of crass, pandering content.

“If you put it in your DVD player today you’ll feel like it was written last week,” Mr. Sorkin said. “The commoditization of the news and the devaluing of truth are just a part of our way of life now. You wish Chayefsky could come back to life long enough to write ‘The Internet.’ ”

To me, this Network quote kind of says it all regarding the media miasma we find ourselves in.

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