Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ode to Books

A bookstore, you know, the real kind containing stacks of books crammed into a tiny space as seen in a pix taken by yours truly is a magical and mysterious place, filled with dreams, conjectures and the ability to teach and amaze. My wife and I were in such environs with the intent of "just" taking a look, 5 minutes at most before going home after visiting friends... An hour + later, we left.

Didn't buy anything but we will be back as there is something most inviting about a store containing product consisting mostly paper and not requiring power to run or boot time to come "alive", ready to display the same content contained here but in a format unable to be touched unless you have a digital key in the form of a smart phone, laptop or any other device capable of turning bits into viewable words on a monitor or flat screen display.

As a techie, I am well aware that all the content contained in this little shop could fit onto a small 4gb thumb drive without a problem but the experience lost of wandering through a space such as this cannot be put into words in spite of the fact bookstores like the one we were in are slowly fading away as we move further into the digital realm of bits and photons.

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