Saturday, December 11, 2010

Never Ceases to Amaze Me

When man wants to be creative, the end result can be amazing, especially when intelligent observation and free association are combined to make tech rock. Consider Tobacco, the Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Ion Lithium batteries, three entities, that, on the surface, would be forever separated well beyond the six degrees of separation linking people to people unintentionally made famous by the trivial game involving the actor Kevin Bacon, a good sport who is trying to do good via his website

"TMV's nanostructure is the ideal size and shape to use as a template for building battery electrodes. Its self-replicating and self-assembling biological properties produce structures that are both intricate and orderly, which increases the power and storage capacity of the batteries that incorporate them. Because TMV can be programmed to bind directly to metal, the resulting components are lighter, stronger and less expensive than conventional parts."

Now I finally know what Tobacco is good for. :)
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