Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The furor over Wikileaks interests me greatly as it shows, in part, how privacy has been vanquished from the face of the earth. The spying nations have done to each other vis a vis "diplomatic" operatives has been going on since the beginning of time. The only difference now is the fact tech is bringing these clandestine actions out into the open for all to see without commentary or "expert" analysis, something really needed in this age of censored news designed to keep the public uninformed on important issues like Afghanistan, Iraq or, in this case, the way countries try to spy on one another without getting caught.

Addendum: Read the Wikileaks cable content, it's important to see how our govenrment works. Pentagon Papers anyone? 

Addendum II: It appears Wikileaks.org has been blocked, again, to prevent us from viewing material that threatens the very existence of America and significant others. So much for free speech in the land of the free and home of the brave, right? The current URL is http://wikileaks.ch

Therefore there are five kinds of spies used:

Local spies, internal spies, double spies, dead spies, and living spies. 

When all five are used, and no one knows their Way, it is called the divine organization, and is the ruler's treasure. 

For local spies, we use the enemy's people.

For internal spies we use the enemy's officials.

For double spies we use the enemy's spies.

For dead spies we use agents to spread misinformation to the enemy. For living spies, we use agents to return with reports. 

Therefore, of those close to the army, none is closer than spies, no reward more generously given, and no matter in greater secrecy. 

Only the wisest ruler can use spies; - The Art of War/Chapter 13-Using Spies

“The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” – John Gilmore

Last but not least...
"This allows ordinary people to actually know and talk about what the government does. But state secrecy is anathema to a free society. Why exactly should Americans be prevented from knowing what their government is doing in their name? - Ron Paul" 
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