Saturday, November 06, 2010

Event Horizon

A black hole is a region of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape, a situation somewhat akin to what the US is experiencing as it approaches the end of "happy motoring" days without a chance in hell of ever returning to them again.

To whit.

Global warming is fact, not fiction. To ignore it is folly yet we continue to do so while burning fossil fuels at ever increasing rates because gw is occurring, at this point in time, "in gradual fashion", a condition that will inevitably change when it reaches critical mass, thus invoking a phase transition akin to how ice freezes over a pond, i.e. The day before the pond freezes over, 50% of the pond remains ice free.

Elections mean nothing as wall street and corporations run government via campaign financing.

"Jobs offshoring, which began on a large scale with the collapse of the Soviet Union, has merged the Democrats and Republicans into one party with two names. The Soviet collapse changed attitudes in socialist India and communist China and opened those countries, with their large excess supplies of labor, to Western capital. 

Pushed by Wall Street and Wal-Mart, American manufacturers moved production for US markets offshore to boost profits and shareholder earnings by utilizing cheap labor. The decline of the US manufacturing work force reduced the political power of unions and the ability of unions to finance the Democratic Party. The end result was to make the Democrats dependent on the same sources of financing as Republicans."

Peak Oil  or the end of cheap energy, along with wall street malfeasance and government collusion, created the depression we now face. Getting into renewables and away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible is a prerequisite if we are to remain a viable species on planet earth.

End of Privacy: Thanks to Database Nation and the net, we have no privacy. Tit for tat or having the same surveillance equipment monitoring the people monitoring us is essential if we are to have a democratic society.

Erosion of Civil Rights: Thanks to the Supremes, Congress and the Presidency, habeas corpus is but a dream in certain "undefined" circumstances. A chilling notion to be sure.

The government's right to print money has not existed since the institution of The Fed in 1913, a cartel protected by government or the prime driver of US booms and busts for nearly 100 years.

Tech is accelerating at double exponential rates because of the web with the end result being the start point of The Singularity a hypothetical event occurring when technological progress becomes so rapid that it makes the future after the singularity qualitatively different and harder to predict."  Estimated time frame: 2030-2035. Society is not ready for this. - ed

The middle class has little money and the disparity of wealth in the US between the top 1% vs the remaining 99% is the highest it's been since 1939. Because of this, the so-called recovery from the "great recession" remains a myth as our system of finance is predicated on borrowing. If there is no borrowing, there is no money.  

When this in mind (excluding tech, science, creativity et al), people now realize the US political/financial  system is broken and must be fixed if this nation is to survive. The question to ask now is: Can we change it without resorting to violence? Only time will tell.

Event Horizon - The defining feature of a black hole is the appearance of an event horizon—a boundary in spacetime through which matter and light can only pass inward towards the mass of the black hole.

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