Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Quebec, in the summertime, rocks and the Mont Tremblant Blues Festival is at the center of the action but this post, as usual, is not about the blues, unfortunately, but rather about Connections with a Capital C and how it relates to Quantum Mechanics and non-locality. According to QT, everything's connected and one experiences this at any smoking concert, both in the band as well as with the audience as seen in the embedded video shown above. This empathy, non verbal in essence, extends to virtually everything we do because of the weird nature of super position coupled with the fact reality is comprised largely of empty space filled with fields interacting with one another in chaotic and non deterministic ways.

Addendum: The atomic nucleus is a tiny massive entity at the center of an atom. Occupying a volume whose radius is 1/100,000 the size of the atom, the nucleus contains most (99.9%) of the mass of the atom.

Addendum II: The wonderful Thomas Young double slit experiment demonstrates the inseparability of the wave and particle natures of light and other quantum particles or, in other words, a single photon, the carrier of the electromagnetic force, can go through two openings at the same time. 

To a musician, this is a no brainer, especially in Jazz, Blues or Rock as improv dictates how a composition will be played and all the participants must be in synch if the tune is to take off. As a former musician who played with skill and passion, I know just how powerful this connectedness is, a feeling that stays with you forever.

Do not fear mistakes. There are none.” - Miles Davis
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