Monday, July 26, 2010

World Lines

I chose this image, (hopefully it animates) because it graphically shows, in wonderful fashion, how we move through space and time as temporary arrangements of the quantum foam that comprises all of reality. While looking at this, I also cannot help to think about how tech creates an illusion of regularity over the quantum world that defines our existence, something quite astonishing given just how chaotic the multiverse truly is.

As designer, I depend on straight lines to create art, a notion totally alien to how reality actually works as straight lines don't really exist as seen through the lens of Thermodynamics, Relativity, Chaos &  Quantum Theory. In a very perceptive article written by Dimitri Orlov, the concept of straight lines is but a fiction, intended to give us a sense of false security in attempting to understand the mysterious world in which we live.

Interestingly enough, the digital tools that give us straight lines also give rise to Chaos Theory, a means to model the real world using recursion, feedback and computation, constructs able to discern how deep aspects of reality function, without the use of straight lines. :)

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