Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Road Noise

Question: Why didn't the grizzly bear cross the road?
Answer: Interstate 90. To arrive from the north, a bear would have to climb over a nearly three-foot high concrete Jersey barrier, cross two lanes of road, braving 75- to 80-mile-an hour traffic, climb a higher Jersey barrier, cross two more lanes of traffic and climb yet another barrier.

Some experts believe that habitat fragmentation, the slicing and dicing of large landscapes into small pieces with roads, homes and other development, is the biggest of all environmental problems.

Hidden in plain sight, 20% of the US lies under asphalt.
Click here to see another take on the impact of roads on wildlife.

To roll your own impact of roads on society, Sim City is the way to go, especially with the upcoming edition allowing for curved roads.

Too bad Robert Moses didn't have this app when doing the work for New York City.

Perhaps his perception of roads and the impact they would have on neighborhoods would have changed his design set for the better but no one knows, do one?

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