Thursday, November 29, 2007

Virtual Eve

Tutoring done at the one on one level is the most effective and the most expensive way to teach people. Because the inherent cost of this type of teaching is so high, one on one has been a relatively small industry limited to people who can afford this kind of individualized instruction. This may no longer be the case because Virtual Eve, the first "real" synthetic teacher, can "alter her presentation according to the reaction of the child facing her at the keyboard..."

The implications of this techology cannot be understated as "Dr Hossein Sarrafzadeh at the Auckland-based Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences states...'With rising demand for long-distance learning and online tutoring, a computer programe capable of detecting human emotions may become a critical teaching tool.' ”

When this tech is combined with good course content, Virtual Eve will become a big time hit. To see a video of her in action, click here.

The age of Idoru is nigh.

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