Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cool Tech/Smart Keyboard

Fiendishly expensive, $1564.37 $ 1256.86 € outragoeusly cool, the Optimus Maximus keyboard is intelligent hardware who's keys change according to the app you are in so if you use Photoshop, the keys reflect that app's config while if you use Quake III, the shortcuts go to Quake. This tech, no doubt, will get cheaper and the key set will morph into a flat panel ala iPhone (Not as responsive but form factor is much more elegant and flexible in application) but the idea in and of itself is very heavy duty stuff. As Murry C said in the EA Talk, "Self aware objects know about themselves and will communicate with us." Sound like this keyboard's a good start.

Click on the OM keyboard to go to the Art. Lebedev Studio, the Russian outfit that's creating this extreme hardware.
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