Saturday, November 07, 2020

Ding Dong ...

The Donald is gone, We will endure two+ months of Aging Orange raging and trying everything possible to stay as President but in the end, he may be dragged out of the WH to face the Southern District of New York for money laundering, tax fraud and influence peddling along with other crimes and misdemeanors we don't know about. In a truly excellent article from The Guardian titled Ding-dong, the jerk is gone. But read this before you sing the Hallelujah Chorus by Thomas Frank as his piece eloquently extends the thoughts of BRT's An epic CF for the ages ... regarding what Biden has to do if this nation is to survive.

Beginning with Clinton and Obama and losing with Hilliary, the dem's switch worked well until it didn't.


I have been narrating our country’s toboggan ride to hell for much of my adult life, and I can attest that Biden’s triumph by itself is not enough to bring it to a stop. It will never stop until a Democratic president faces up to his party’s mistakes and brings to a halt the ignoble experiment of the last four decades.

Should Joe Biden do that, he might be able to see that he has before him a moment of great Democratic possibility. This country has grown sick of plutocracy. We don’t enjoy sluicing everything we earn into the bank accounts of a few dozen billionaires. We want a healthcare system that works and an economy in which ordinary people prosper, even people who didn’t go to a fancy college. Should Biden open his eyes and overcome his past, he may discover that he has it in his power to rebuild our sense of social solidarity, to make the middle-class promise real again, and to beat back the right. All at the same time

Does he have the smarts and guts to do this, only time will tell.


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