Saturday, October 03, 2020

Wormholes yet again

BRT has waxed "poetic" about the possibilities of black holes being wormholes due to the fact energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed, thanks to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics because if the 1st law applies to objects as extreme as black holes, said energy has to go somewhere and not be crushed out of existence via a singularity, the dark beast residing in black holes, a notion physicists are beginning to question as we speak.

Of course this is conjecture but nature shows herself to be extremely consistent when 
it comes to energy and how it's expressed.

It gets better ...

What if this notion of wormholes actually scales down to the Quantum Form as the size of the hole determines its life span, which means these tiny Planck sized entangled entities, described by Einstein–Rosen bridges, would give rise to existence as Quantum Gravity postulates existence is granular, possibly driven by tiny wormholes winking in and out of existence, something we may be indirectly seeing via the Alice in Wonderland world of Quantum Mechanics.

It's a thought, right? :)

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