Friday, May 22, 2020

The last piece ...

AI, no longer controlled by us rubes in many disciplines given the fact real-time analysis of incoming data requires software able to update itself in real-time, cannot be done by humans in any way, shape or fashion, could not process symbolic math, until now.

But a problem remained.

Soon, he and Lample plan to feed mathematical expressions into their networks and trace the way the program responds to small changes in the expressions. Mapping how changes in the input trigger changes in the output might help expose how the neural nets operate.

Zaremba sees that kind of understanding as a potential step toward teaching neural nets to reason and to actually understand the questions they’re answering. “It’s easy in math to move the needle and see how well [the neural network] works if expressions are becoming different. We might truly learn the reasoning, instead of just the answer,” he said. “The results would be quite powerful.”

An understatement to say the least.

Read the rest of the excellent Quanta's Magazine piece to see why the last piece ... of developing truly intelligent AI is now in place to enable this tech to become ... truly intelligent.

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