Sunday, March 31, 2019

20 years ago ...

20 years ago, yours truly saw The Matrix with his son. Film has never been the same since.

Next, three men in sunglasses show up and scold the police for going in before they got there. “I think we can handle one little girl,” the officer says. “I sent in two units, they’re bringing her down now.” “No, Lieutenant,” the agent says. “Your men are already dead.” Interesting, but whatever. We then see the woman, whom we’ll later learn is named Trinity, as she’s about to be cuffed. Quickly she hits the cop with a few martial arts moves, jumps in the air, the shot freezes and the camera pans 180 degrees around her as she remains frozen in the air.

The Matrix Digital Rain ... Where does the code come from?

One cannot make this up. Akin to tech Easter Eggs without a doubt. :)

Cool without question.

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