Saturday, February 23, 2019

It was a leak ...

Rod Goldstein, Deputy Attorney General

For over two years, the dems have screamed the Russkies did it regarding the DNC data heist showing that Bernie got screwed by the dems in embarrassing emails showing this to be true. This "obvious" fact of spearfishing has been touted by Mueller, and significant others, to be the only way this info was garnered and subsequently given to Wikileaks to embarrass Clinton and to enable Trump to become president. While this Wikileaks/political conjecture remains outside the province of the blurb, the specifics regarding how the data dump went down is not, especially when it comes to intel pros like William Binney/NSA and Larry Johnson/CIA, senior spooks who know how events like this can happen.

It gets better

The question to ask here is ... why didn't Mueller ask guys like Binney and Johnson to get as much unbiased information as possible as to what actually went down in 2016 regarding the DNC and the data that was purloined at that point in time as this would absolve Mueller from any negative pushback regarding this very important part of his investigation.

Red scare anyone?

Last but not least ...

Regarding Guccifer, the entity stating it was a hack ...

Binney is right, all of this information has to be vetted without question 

Something's afoot - Sherlock Holmes.

 Addendum: VIPS: Mueller's Forensics-Free Findings promises to add fuel to the fire as to whether's Mueller's insistence on the Russians hacking the election is a valid assessment or is politically motivated. Either way, great theater, if nothing else, will be forthcoming as we move further into 2019.

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