Sunday, August 05, 2018

Schizophrenia ...

Robert Mueller, James Clapper & John Brennan - defenders of the Deep State

Why is the the notion of A Deep State such a mystery? Countries have had deep states since the beginning of time whether it be in ancient Egypt, China or Greece or in modern day Turkey, England or France as the power elite of said cultures or countries ran or run things without question as they have the one great prerequisite needed (money) to control said entity in question, as seen, yet again, with George Carlin's amazing riff, The Real Owners of the Country.


 With George's take in mind, here's a partial list detailing the Death of Empire when the deep state begins to go off the rails, something becoming rather obvious when one looks at the current state of affairs in the good ole USA. Note: No discussion of the existential gorilla known as climate change is factored into this list as this impacts the world, not just America.
  1. Environmental degradation
  2. Resource depletion
  3. Infrastructure degradation
  4. Over reliance on military (diplomatic/financial)
  5. Election of corrupt and inept politicians
  6. Financial inequality
  7. Death of civil liberties
  8. The politicization of all things related to governance
  9. Unbridled greed with total emphasis on short term gain
  10. Demonization of science and fact aka lack of critical thinking
  11. Fake news of all stripes
A funny thing happens when a nation allows itself to be ruled by Imperial kleptocrats: such rule is intrinsically destabilizing, as there is no longer any moral or political center to bind the nation together. The public sees the value system at the top is maximize my personal profit by whatever means are available, i.e. complicity, corruption, monopoly and rentier rackets, and they follow suit by pursuing whatever petty frauds and rackets are within reach: tax avoidance, cheating on entrance exams, gaming the disability system, lying on mortgage and job applications, and so on.

But the scope of the rentier rackets is so large, the bottom 95% cannot possibly keep up with the expanding wealth and income of the top .1% and their army of technocrats and enablers, so a rising sense of injustice widens the already yawning fissures in the body politic.

Meanwhile, diverting the national income into a few power centers is also destabilizing, as Central Planning and Market Manipulation (a.k.a. the Federal Reserve) are intrinsically unstable as price can no longer be discovered by unfettered markets. As a result, imbalances grow until some seemingly tiny incident or disruption triggers a cascading collapse, a.k.a. a phase shift or system re-set.

As the Power Elites squabble over the dwindling crumbs left by the various rentier rackets, there's no one left to fight for the national interest because the entire Status Quo of self-interested fiefdoms and cartels has been co-opted and is now wedded to the Imperial Oligarchy as their guarantor of financial security.

Schizophrenia indeed.

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