Saturday, June 03, 2017

Seems about right ... but.

Although yours truly firmly believes that no one can predict the future due to the vagaries of quantum mechanics and chaos, one can make educated guesses and the guesstimate on when AI takes over all of our jobs as per ScienceAlert seems about right ... but.

I'm betting it will take less than 80 regarding machines designing machines. When that happens, uncertainty becomes the watchword.

It gets better.

The experts are far from infallible. They predicted that AI would be better than humans at Go by about 2027. (This was in 2015, remember.) In fact, Google’s DeepMind subsidiary has already developed an artificial intelligence capable of beating the best humans. That took two years rather than 12. It’s easy to think that this gives the lie to these predictions.

I rest my case.

Click here to get the in depth paper on said topic.

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