Monday, May 01, 2017

The Godfather Redux :)

There are two films yours truly considers to be perfect, The Godfather and 2001 as each created a reality whereby viewers became a virtual greek chorus united in the fact they were seeing accessible masterpieces that would change how they viewed the world, forever. Interesting enough, the participants in The Godfather initially thought it was a rolling trainwreck while the film was being shot. Awesome.

But we know better, right? ... :)

Keaton admitted she hadn't seen The Godfather for 30 years, and only recently re-watched it on her computer. "I couldn't get over it. It was so astonishing, it was so beautiful... Every choice [Coppola] made was brilliant, and it was so unusual. I just kept crying," she recalled, even admitting she didn't pay much attention to the film, "Because I was the most outsider, weird person in the movie. And why was I cast again?"

Speaking of the scene where Kay tells Michael she didn't have a miscarriage but instead got an abortion, Coppola pointed out that was not in the book. It was actually Talia Shier, Coppola's sister, who suggested that brilliant plot point.

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