Saturday, January 28, 2017

There is no plan

When looking at this picture, one sees a self satisfied Ryan and a worried McConnell as Trump takes control of the presidency. In the past week, the Repugs are touting the fact that Obamacare is in the crosshairs due to Trump's pledge to eliminate same with aid supplied by these two and the Republican controlled congress. The problem with this rosy scenario, from the GOP side, is the fact THEY HAVE NO PLAN. Now think about this. For 8 years they bloviated about replacing Obamacare, a weak but viable first step to change the ongoing train wreck of HC in this country but have supplied nothing of substance in place of OC, something rather astounding don't you think? Think how Patton, or Kelly Johnson or Steve Jobs, among significant other competent people, would react to this? Aside from disbelief, incompetence and blinding stupidity come to mind without question. The repugs are on the hook for this and ... remember, payback is a bitch.


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