Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Elmer Gantry circa 2016

Because I love the country, I always hope for success of every president as yours truly's welfare, along with the rest of the populace depends, in part, on said success, something becoming rather illusionry considering the quality of president the US has had over the past 50+ years, starting with Johnson and now, president elect Trump, who is charting, thus far, a path rife with hypocrisy, ignorance and corruption to the max, To this end, let's talk swamp and how the Donald tends to deal with it regarding his selection of incoming Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin along with his take on the banksters residing on WS.

It gets better.

Read both pieces in their entiriety to see why Trump is the real life version of Elmer Gantry to the max.

Glass-Steagall anyone? not a chance, not a chance in hell. 

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