Friday, August 01, 2014

The baying of hounds

Condemning Putin without hard evidence regarding MH-17 is dangerous at best because Russia "ain't" Iraq, Libya, Iran or Syria. It's a nation armed to the teeth with nukes and the ability to deliver them with great efficiency to anywhere in the world without issue. In BRT, the mantra yours truly tries to abide by as best as possible is: vetting. How good is the content yours truly is quoting? Is it kosher, is it viable, can it stand up to scrutiny, something "W" violated to the max when gaining hard US intel in order to sell an illegal war to America. The same thing is now happening in the Ukraine where no hard evidence as to exactly what happened to MH-17 has been released, only conjecture, hearsay and invective. 

To whit

Notice the word REPORTED, not fact but hearsay.

It's gets better.

But two questions, one...

and 2, what if it wasn't a missile? Conjecture perhaps but not without merit

The picture

In conclusion...

Isn't it time to find out what really happened to Malaysian Flight MH17 before it's too late. Before the hounds of hell are unleashed as they were in 1914. Something to consider if you ask me.

Addendum: A shelved BBC video showing a reporter interviewing villagers who saw a jet approach MH17. Interesting to say the least.

Click here to read the transcript. Maybe the politicos of the US should look at this before rushing to judgment. Sounds like a viable plan to me.

And one last link from Zerohedge describing Russia's take on the MH17 tragedy. Worth reading without question.

Addendum II: Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts

Contrary to the Obama administration’s public claims blaming eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia for the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, some U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame, according to a source briefed on these findings.

This judgment – at odds with what President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have expressed publicly – is based largely on the absence of U.S. government evidence that Russia supplied the rebels with a Buk anti-aircraft missile system that would be needed to hit a civilian jetliner flying at 33,000 feet, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The baying of hounds indeed.

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