Monday, March 31, 2014

Habeas Corpus

The debate is over, has been for a long time for rational people regarding GW but... for flat earthers refusing to believe earth's becoming an oven because of us, the art of stupid looms, especially with three reports coming in from NASA & NOAA showing how the rise of CO2 levels impacts climate change and the UN's IPCC (350mb - PDF) monster titled Climate Change 2013 providing ever more evidence that GW's a reality show writ large. Because of this, it's time for unbelievers to finally pack it in and realize we're in big trouble and must make radical  changes now regarding energy and it's connect to the environment or face consequences too dire for civilization to even contemplate. 

Click on the National Academies graphic below to get a concise view of why ignoring GW truly is the art of stupid. To learn more about how researchers put together climate models to explain their findings, click here.

The Question to ask now is, does Obama have the guts to pull the plug on Keystone XL?
Well do ya?...

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