Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A Smarter Way

Great ideas, as often said, are hidden in plain sight. In The Shaushank Redemption, Morgan Freedman asks an insightful question while narrating Andy's escape from the prison.

"How often do you look at a person's shoes? I don't." To me, this is the essence of creativity and imagination. It's the ability to see the obvious and do something about it. The other component of creativity, IMHO, is the ability to ask seemingly "simple" questions fraught with profound implications. Think Einstein when he asked himself, "What's it like to ride on a beam of light?" while riding the tram to work as a patent clerk. Makes one think doesn't it? :)

To that end comes the EWICON wind generator, elegant tech solving a really difficult problem of clean energy creation by looking at it from the premise of physics and electromagnetism. Enjoy.

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