Sunday, March 31, 2013

And Whether Pigs Have Wings

Through the Looking Glass has been a long time favorite of yours truly for years. From Butterflies to the Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll's book is a treasure trove of the nonsensical and wise, concepts most dear to this writer's heart but, as usual, this piece is not about Through the Looking Glass per se but rather about the collusion of government with Wall Street banks and big corporations in creating a nation state that is beginning to resemble  the Fascist model as seen in Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Germany.

Note: This is but a tiny sampling of the move toward Fascism where inequality rules. 

  • Patenting genes - to date, more then 40,000 + genes have been patented, something BRT talked about in Reducto ad Absurduma piece asking if any company has the right to patent DNA, the double helix construct found in every living thing on planet earth.

  • The XL Pipeline - the dirtiest fuel on earth, will make it way to Texas for export in order to prop up oil prices because big oil holds our nation hostage while countries like Germany move toward solar and renewables at warp speed (50%) while the US lags behind at less then 2%. 
  • 6 companies control 90% of news in America. Question, do you think extremely well paid "reporters" working for the big 6 are going to rock the boat and tell the truth about what's going on in America?
  • Stupidity - Stupid and unaware people (37% & counting) are letting this slow descent into fascism happen by being functionally and intellectually illiterate  If one does not know what's going on, the ability of government to deceive one becomes eminently doable.
  • Surveillance 24/7 - From the NSA to the FBI, we are being watched without our permission.
  • Global corporate control of finance is Network writ large,  a world controlled by the banks and the corporations who serve them 24/7. 

Any Questions?

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