Friday, February 22, 2013

Beyond Logic

A must read from Smart Planet, America’s oil choice: Pay up, or get off  piece, written by Chris Nader, reminds me of the Cheshire Cat telling Alice how to "get there'.

So let me guess. In order to keep the drilling, fracking and ongoing stripping of the Bakkan oil sands to continue, with disastrous environmental impact in hand, we have to export the toxic sludge, Dibit, under high pressure and high temperature from Canada through the US via the proposed XL pipeline for delivery to the wold in order to A. incur higher oil prices to continue doing the same old drilling, fracking and stripping and B. continue our dependence on fossil fuels supplied by foreign entities, right?

It gets better...

BRT has talked about the absurd relationship the US has with fossil fuel providers and has asked the simple question of why Germany is nearly 50% solar while the US is less then 2% even though Germany's climate is not as benign as ours. Without question, the US can get out of this ridiculous situation but in order to do that, a drastic reset needs to be done, the most important of which is to take back control of our government from the monied interests who are running this nation into the ground. Initial steps to start the process include:
  • End Gerrymandering as this insures that incumbents remain in power.
  • Amendment 28 whereby Congress must obey the laws it passes, terms limits and the elimination of lobbyists funneling money to the politicos in order fro them to get reelected, something not the case today.
  • Leverage the net to enable public referendums on policies that affect us all. Iraq war as example
  • Kill the Fed, the US had a revolution over the control of money, something we don't have as a cartel protected by government controls our money, not us.
  • Demand transparency in finance and governance  We don't have that, thus we are being compromised without question.
  • Institue public financing of campaigns and eliminate Citizens United as the last time yours truly checked, IBM is not a person.
  • Eliminate the IRS and the byzantine tax codes (20,000 pages & counting) enabling the upper 1% to game the system. Replace it with something comprehensible and fair as the IRS works for the Fed to collect the interest on the money, our money, the Fed borrows in order to buy US Treasuries.
We must make these changes and then some before it's too late as earth is sending us a wake up call to change our ways or face the consequences, something we continue to ignore at our peril.

Any questions?

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