Friday, January 04, 2013

Faustian Bargain

BRT tends not to rant but when it comes to Fracking, the rant's definitely in play. PA is beginning to see the Faustian bargain writ large with tech that literally rapes the earth in order to extract natural gas while adversely affecting the water supply, food production and the environment in the process.
In Germany, 50% of the nation's power is supplied by solar while in this country, it's 2%. The question to ask is, why is it so low?

Norbert Allnoch, director of the Institute of the Renewable Energy Industry (IWR) in Muenster, said the 22 gigawatts of solar power per hour fed into the national grid on Saturday met nearly 50 percent of the nation's midday electricity needs.

A report finds that solar power's contribution could grow to 10% of the nation's power needs by 2025. The report, prepared by research and publishing firm Clean Edge and the nonprofit Co-op America, projects nearly 2% of the nation's electricity coming from concentrating solar power systems, while solar photovoltaic systems will provide more than 8% of the nation's electricity. Those figures correlate to nearly 50,000 megawatts of solar photovoltaic systems and more than 6,600 megawatts of concentrating solar power.[13]

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