Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Time

Ah, the Fiscal Cliff and the incompetency of Congress, the collective who takes money and marching orders from the powers at be in order to get reelected instead of actually getting things done to benefit the country, continues to play games regarding the fiscal health of the nation. As this poor excuse of political brinkmanship goes on, it's becoming obvious that Congress no longer has the ability to do anything of consequence in terms of governing, something that can be changed if referendums become part of the equation, something yours truly thinks is long overdue, especially when looking at such fubars as Vietnam, Iraq, Homeland Security, gerrymandering and a byzantine finance & tax system controlled by bankers for bankers courtesy of the Federal Reserve.

As long as we, the people, don't have direct say in issues affecting all of us (see the above) then we, the people, will continue to get screwed as we have been for at least 100 years.

How about it Barack? We now have the power, thanks to the web, to conduct referendums as per the direct democracy model practiced by Athens over 2500 years ago, something to consider when seeing just how incompetent our governing body has become.

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