Saturday, November 24, 2012


When reading this terrific Physorg piece, the notion of brains, the net, and the universe obeying the same laws of growth makes eminent sense because the underlying laws of nature are inherently modular, able to scale without issue because otherwise, things would not work the way they do in our part of the multiverse. For instance, thanks to Newton, we know white light consists of the  primary colors of Red, Green and Blue. With Einstein's Theory of Relativity, we know gravity works the same way in all parts of the universe, something seen in Kepler finding thousands of extrasolar planets orbiting stars in similar fashion to how earth orbits the sun. The only difference now lies in the power of the tools man uses to discern how nature works at the deepest level, something akin to how researchers were able to discover the similarities of brains, the net and the universe in terms of growth using tech of such calculating power unimagined just a few years ago. Click here to download the Network Cosmology piece. 

Beginner's Mind is a good thing - Robert E.

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