Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The reason for this post centers on David Brin's concept of Uplift or the idea of more advanced civilizations uplifting those more primitive, an idea Ridley Scott must have known about when making Prometheus, a subject yours truly will briefly touch upon at the end of this article.

Sounds like Prometheus doesn't it? Something creationists mistakenly try to bring into their fold with the notion of intelligent design while Scott was really talking about a radical version of uplift using nantotech, biotech and a sense of sacrifice on the part of a much older civilization in creating an offspring of itself on a far away world called earth. 

As for the movie, the initial grandeur of the film sadly slips away when the Prometheus lands on moon LV 223, a hostile place requiring the up-most in cautionary behavior and proper use of protocol when dealing with the unknown as powerful and forbidding as the likes of this, something this feckless crews totally ignores with the inevitable end result of everyone dying gruesome deaths (save for David & Elizabeth Shaw)  in order to make the film "move" along. In Alien, xenomorph protocol was being followed until Ash upsets the apple cart by letting the alien in, thus setting in motion the most terrifying film of all time.

In spite of this tech's rather harsh criticism on why the crew almost deserved to be sliced and diced by the aforementioned nanotech/biotech lifeforms, the film's really entertaining but the potential of having it become remarkable was sadly lost unlike that of Scott's prior SF work as seen by Blade Runner and Alien, flicks able to stand the test of time without question.

Needless to say, Prometheus II could be spellbinding as no prequel sensibility is involved but rather a push into origins and the unknown at a level rarely seen save for 2001, the  greatest SF movie of all time in this author's humble opinion.

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