Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progression 2 Step, The Great Format Wars

This wonderful graphic, courtesy of the NY Times, accompanies a terrific article titled Daddy, What Were Compact Discs?, a whimsical tour through the various skeins of tech we used to hold music, images, text and god knows what else while moving from analog to the Net over the past 30+ years.

All in all, the transition to the web whereby we store and retrieve all of our content is a good thing but 33lp records played on a really good stereo system still sound the best to me. (Turntables of that era along with today's models are outrageous examples of exotic and cool looking hardware without a doubt.) With luck, tech like this will never die, just like that of radio, a medium that will never die as well. :) Seen below are two examples of esoteric turntables able to brings warm cackles to any audiophile's heart.

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