Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kickin' & Screamin'

First off, I love books as yours truly is a voracious reader of the first order, I have stacks of them fairly well organized in book shelves all around the house and continue to be in a prolonged state of morning regarding the death of two Borders stores that were but a short drive from the house. Be as it may, the news Apple is doing a Garage Band number on text books is a good thing because the old way of creating and distributing textbooks that go out of date the minute they're published is an unsustainable way to do education in the connected age of the web.

The issue now is how to properly integrate Apple's offering into an under financed and often dysfunctional teaching environment as the game changing aspect of this tech introduces the issue of a "wicked problem" whereby the questions and answers pertaining on how to make this happen changes the problem itself.

No doubt, this tech will eventually come to Windows and the cloud as the educational system, as it stands today, cannot continue on the path it is in and... the market, outside of Apple, is just too big and important to ignore.

Addendum: Seems there's a prof who wants to do away with term papers and replace them with blogs, something yours truly totally agrees with since starting up BRT over four years ago. Why you may ask, because of folks like you reading and commenting on articles posted in it, something aspiring writers can relate to in the digital age in which we live.

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