Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Unwinding II

We are at a critical point in history where the status quo is fighting for it's life as we mover further into the 21st century. Signs of this struggle are everywhere. (Note: This is but a small sampler, of course.)
  • In Congress, the effort to pass PIPA/SOPA to impose censorship and benefit hollywood and the music industry at the cost of endless litigation, innovation and security on the net continues unabated while central banks use tech to continue the illusion they actually have enough money in hand to save the Euro.
  • Congress strikes again by positing this bill, H.R.3699 -- Research Works Act  whereby scientific research paid for by the government (Us), which is now free, would be privatized.
  • Fracking, used to extract natural gas at the cost of destroying the environment for short term gain, is erroneously touted as the way to stave off the inevitable fact peak oil is past and that alternatives to fossil fuels must be undertaken in serious fashion before it's too late.
  • Corporate personhood enables the powers at be to funnel even more monies to Congress and to the presidency in order to insure whoever is in office supports the status quo. 
  • WS banksters remain free, untouched by Eric Holder and the "rule" of law.
  • Endless war and the attack on civil rights as seen by the enactment of the Defense Authorization Act opens the way to potential military dictatorship given the fact the military now supersedes the authority of the FBI and police in being able to intern US citizens indefinitely without due process if one is suspected of being a "terrorist" as "security" must be maintained at the cost of liberty even though the threat of entities like al- Qaeda is questionable at best. (see Afghanistan as example)
  •  Adherence to endless war (Iran anyone?) and the printing of money, courtesy of the Fed, to maintain the TBTF banks while bankrupting the nation continues to be covered up by the corporate controlled media as we endure the never ending presidential campaign whereby "serious candidates" "debate" over gay rights, religion and being a pure conservative instead of discussing why our money has been systematically stolen from us thanks to government collusion with the Fed and the WS banksters. 
  • US education, buffeted by cutbacks, fear, politics and ignorance of all things digital, threatens to become irrelevant in a world connected by the web. 
  • Resource wars heat up due to excess plundering of the planet's irreplaceable offerings.  
  • The oceans, polluted and overfished, are at the breaking point while firms like Monsanto dominate the food chain by producing GMO corn even though such crops have questionable value for humanity.
  • Environmental degradation and massive extinctions of earth's life forms continues unabated, driven by ever more fossil fuel use and the desire to product more "stuff" no matter what the cost may be.
  • And on and on and on it goes......

Because instant and unfettered communication of information of all types (via the web) has a tendency to alter human behavior in unpredictable ways, the impact of same on the powers at be cannot be predicted in any great detail but after all, we already knew that, right?

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