Sunday, December 11, 2011

Learning Curve

The Matrix, a 1999 masterpiece, covers much ground regarding AI, simulated reality and the brutal displacement of man as the dominant species on planet earth, a fact artfully concealed by a computer generated dream world so real as to be accepted as the one true reality as long as you don't take the red pill.

But this blurb, as per BRT custom, is not about simulated reality and malevolent AI but rather about instant learning, the ability for people to master complex skills instantly (like Neo) by downloading content into the mind ready to be used as needs warrant. At the time of the flick, this notion was conjecture at best but it won't be for long if researchers are right about being able to modify thought patters to enable one to learn new disciplines beyond the limits of real time...

Disruptive to the max if you ask me.
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