Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Immersive to the 9s

About three years ago, BRT posted a blurb about wall size screens, paper thin with gorgeous color and high resolution. Of course the post talked about OLEDs and not quantum dots as Qdots were still a mostly imagined tech with unlimited upside but was considered to be  extremely hard to manufacture, until now. With this in mind, it seems BRT was wrong about the tach (but not the displays) as quantum dots will be the flexible, paper thin darling of flat screens of every size imaginable and not OLEDs if Nanoco & significant others have anything to say about it.

The quantum dots will be in use for ultra thin, light flat screen TVs by the end of next year, and, in another three years, will be used in flexible screens rolled up like paper or used as wall coverings.

The company, Nanoco Group, is reportedly working with Asian electronics companies to bring this technology to market.

The tech envisioned looks like this.

To get in-depth info about this elegant approach to innovative displays, click on the image below.

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