Saturday, July 16, 2011

Critical Mass

It seems tech is finally reaching critical mass regarding a viable move toward a sustainable future, the political/financial fubar not withstanding, with three recent developments able to produce something truly revolutionary in the generation, storage and releasing of clean energy at real world levels that, in time, could replace the non-sustainable environment of today.

To whit:
  1. Cheap film solar is now possible thanks to advances in the manufacturing of solar cells able to be integrated into a form factor  able to be used in a endless number of ways. 
  2. Cheap artificial photosynthesis being developed by organizations like Jcap and universities like MIT promise to harness the power of solar by creating and storing the clean fuel (oxygen/hydrogen) generated by said tech, able to be used at any time of the day and...
  3. The ultimate cheap battery using water and graphene as storage device with characteristics promising to change how we store and distribute energy...   A combination of two ordinary materials – graphite and water – could produce energy storage systems that perform on par with lithium ion batteries, but recharge in a matter of seconds and have an almost indefinite lifespan.

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