Friday, July 22, 2011

A Benign Addiction

My son, a cat 2 racer, has made an addict out of me regarding Le Tour de France. A sport perfect for video, the superb organization of the race simply astounds accompanied by intelligent commentary informing the viewer about the intricacies of a sport with an approach completely opposite from the brain dead musings ushered forth by US sports announcers, masters of the obvious to the extreme. Click the image below to monitor in real time who's leading this last mountainous stage.

Without a doubt, road cycling, IMHO, is the toughest sport in the world in term of pain and endurance. As an avid grade B cyclist, I know a tiny bit about both but what these riders experience, as my son tells me, goes beyond imagination.

"No bs in this sport dad. Trash talking does not happen. It's just too hard for that." - Austin
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