Sunday, June 05, 2011

Visualization for All

Until now, the ability to model complex systems was relegated to those that A, had access to closed systems to visualize complex skeins of data through university or corporate connections or B, had the money required to buy the apps needed to do the modeling, something many of us are loathe to do, especially if one is a dabbler like yours truly who has always wanted to create outrageous visualizations on the cheap but could not but now can thanks to  Gephi, an open source visualization platform given to the world by Stamford University and touted by Google in  their Summer of Code program, a place for students to contribute code to open source projects intended to enhance visualization endeavors ranging from new approaches to video production to creating new ways to manipulate large data sets while giving the contributors a head start to gainful employment. 

As per open source, Gephi runs on Linux, Windows and Mac and is free, something akin to beer but with longer lasting, I think, benefits vs.  the imbibing of suds but then again, I can't vouch for that given my affection for hops & barley thanks to in depth guidance from guys like Mike and Murry who know far more then I about the wonderful world of micro brewed beer. :)

Enjoy. I know I will. :)
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