Monday, March 21, 2011

Whistling Past the Graveyard


Seen above is a radiation dose chart depicting what excess amounts of radiation can do to the human body. Needless to say, the effects of same are not pretty, something rather disquieting to say the least while watching the nuclear fubar unfold in Japan.  Another interesting note is the fact mainline news is now saying the "worst is over and that the impact of this multi tiered meltdown will have little impact to the Japanese economy" even though 1, the plants supplied 30% of Japan's energy, 2, Japan has no natural resources and 3...

which means the...


But it's still ok even though.. 

which means


but the worst is over, right? Ah, perhaps not Grasshopper
161 microsieverts/hour = 3.86 millisieverts/day = 1410 mSv/year
Yearly dose examples
  • Sleeping next to a human for 8 hours every night: 0.02 mSv/yr[9]
  • Cosmic radiation (from sky) at sea level: 0.24 mSv/year[7]
  • Natural radiation in the human body: 0.40 mSv/year[7]
  • New York-Tokyo flights for airline crew: 9 mSv/year[10]
  • Total average radiation dose for Americans: 6.2 mSv/year[13]
  • Smoking 1.5 packs/day: 13-60 mSv/year[11][12]
  • Current average limit for nuclear workers: 20 mSv/year[10]
  • Background radiation in parts of Iran, India and Europe: 50 mSv/year[10]
  • Elevated limit for workers during Fukushima emergency: 250 mSv/year[14
Sounds like the BP drill all over again whereby the oil miraculously disappeared within 11 months just in time for Spring Break save for the inconvenient Washington's Blog post titled New Oil Spill in Gulf ... 100-Mile Slick putting forth little tidbits ignored by the media because it's "old news" not worthy of our attention while American Idol and Charlie Sheen's meltdown is. 

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