Thursday, June 03, 2010

Maybe Just Maybe...

Maybe just maybe this tech will work as it looks like it has legs, particularly in the energy storage part of the equation. If so, perhaps we can finally say goodbye to the BP's of the world who sell the Devil's Excrement to those who have the money to buy it, no matter what the cost may be.

Higgins: It's simple economics. Today it's oil, right? In ten or fifteen years, food. Plutonium. Maybe even sooner. Now, what do you think the people are gonna want us to do then? 
Joe Turner: Ask them? 
Higgins: Not now - then! Ask 'em when they're running out. Ask 'em when there's no heat in their homes and they're cold. Ask 'em when their engines stop. Ask 'em when people who have never known hunger start going hungry. You wanna know something? They won't want us to ask 'em. They'll just want us to get it for 'em! - 
Three Days of the Condor 
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