Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Metaverse Writ Large

Back in 2007, Beyond Real Time posted a article titled Infinities Within Infinities showing how infinity resides in finite space as depicted by Cantor, Menger and Lorenz. Seems this notion also applies to reality if the research done by Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog holds true...

"Hawking, based at the University of Cambridge, UK, and his colleague Thomas Hertog of the European Laboratory for Particle Physics at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, are about to publish a paper claiming that the Universe had no unique beginning. Instead, they argue, it began in just about every way imaginable (and maybe some that aren't).

Out of this profusion of beginnings, the vast majority withered away without leaving any real imprint on the Universe we know today. Only a tiny fraction of them blended to make the current cosmos, Hawking and Hertog claim.

That, they insist, is the only possible conclusion if we are to take quantum physics seriously. "Quantum mechanics forbids a single history," says Hertog....

But Hawking and Hertog say that the countless 'alternative worlds' of string theory may actually have existed. We should picture the Universe in the first instants of the Big Bang as a superposition of all these possibilities, they say; like a projection of billions of movies played on top of one another.

It all adds up

This might sound odd, but it is precisely the view adopted by quantum theory. "

Through the Looking Glass:
The Queen: It's a poor sort of memory that only works backward. - Lewis Carroll
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