Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zap, God & Crumb

"Keep on Truckin", the famous quote from R. Crumb resonates when reading about Zap Comix and his latest masterwork, Genesis. a legitimate graphic depiction of the bible with no satiric slant, something which makes the argument about religion being a man-made construct even more compelling than ever as the Old Testament now has drawings accurately keyed to text depicting such niceties as rape, incest, masturbation, murder, infidelity, lust, prostitution, etc., etc., etc., ah, you know, the same old thing man has been doing since coming out of trees while looking for god. No doubt I am going to get it ($13.00 is a steal) as Crumb's work is incredibly interesting to look at and the text is too funky to ignore. :)

In Zap, sex, drugs and rock and roll was the name of the game as Crumb and cohorts Gilbert Shelton, Clay Wilson and Robert Williams (along with significant others) came out with gems like Mr. Natural, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers & Wonder Wart-Hog, characters, needless to say, who were outrageously salacious, stoned and funny as hell. No doubt, Zap rocked big time.

Scroll down to see a few covers and click on any to see why the courts and Zap were on intimate terms. :)

And...just to make sure you haven't forgotten about god,
here's Chapter 1 for your viewing pleasure.

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