Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just a Follow Up

Just a follow up on volume and weight of money as per the 15 billion lost in Iraq last year courtesy of the BA. BRT: Economics 101 or Show Me the Money

In the blurb, $15 billion of $100 bills filled up 4.295 railroad boxcars and weighed 165 tons. (Boxcar weight not included)

The $12.8 trillion committed by the Fed, FDIC and Treasury (Bloomberg) to "rescue" the US economy represents an amount 853 times larger than the aforementioned $15 billion (12,800,000,000,000/15,000,000,000 = 853) which means...

$12. 8 trillion dollars of $100s would fill up 3663.36 box cars
with a total weight of 140,745 tons.

Because dollars are now bits and not paper, weight drops to nothing, something akin to the fact money is created from nothing and is backed by nothing, an irony that makes one laugh and cry at the same time while our once great nation slowly goes into the poor house.
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