Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Real Debate

I saw this great ad in the NY Times stating the obvious about the real issues needing to be addressed as the nation moves toward Decision 2008. No question this is NOT what we're getting in the most dreadful presidential campaign I have ever seen in 40 years of being alive as we move toward the abyss trapped inside a slow moving bus with nowhere else to go. BRT has discussed what is needed to get back on track and now the Institute for America's Future has ratified it with a powerful message showing that these two candidates are either too afraid to get down and tell it like it is or they simply don't "get it" as Obama so often says but seems not to follow through when people need to know just how serious this situation truly is.

If the tech industry operated like the US Financial system, there would be no technology at all because generating something out of nothing (which banks routinely do via fractional reserve banking) is not possible. This fundamental requirement of transaction (outside of the financial system) applies to everything man does without exception except for the actions of Congress and Wall Street in repeating the meaningless platitudes that the financial system remains strong in spite of the crash and America is great because it is great while the wealth of this once great nation disappears into the black hole of bankruptcy.

We are running out of time. You Can't Handle the Truth, The Long Emergency, Q & A and State of Affairs substantiate the claim we are in trouble and that strong, courageous and visionary decisions must be made if we are to successfully deal with the crisis facing us.

The question we must ask ourselves now is, When do we take back America?
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